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Why Sleep
Is Essential

For your physical health and your mental health. For your health today and in the long run. For feeling more energetic and optimistic. Sleep is as important to your body as diet and exercise.

Sleep can sometimes feel like self-care that can wait, or a reward you need to earn. But the opposite is true. Did you know that while you sleep, your body is busy healing and repairing itself, learning, and actively preventing chronic diseases? That’s how healthy sleep makes you refreshed and ready to take on tomorrow. And how healthy sleep can help you lead a longer, more fulfilling life.

Find your sleep remedy.

Are you getting healthy sleep? Take this short quiz to learn more about your sleep and how you can make the most of it.

What are the benefits of getting healthy sleep?

Healthy sleep lets your body check off its overnight to-do list, which helps you:

Lower your risk for serious health problems, including Type 2 diabetes and heart disease

Prevent and manage mental health problems

Get sick less often

Improve brain health and help prevent Alzheimer’s

Maximize immunity from vaccines

Maintain a healthy weight

Improve mood

Make better decisions

Signs that you aren’t getting enough healthy sleep.

You might not think you need more sleep, but your body is probably telling you something different if you:

  • Feel a need to drink caffeine throughout the day to stay alert and energized
  • Fall asleep easily during TV shows, car rides, or other activities before bedtime
  • Oversleep on weekends (to catch up from the week)
  • Have trouble controlling your appetite or losing weight
  • Find it difficult to focus and concentrate
  • Don’t have as much energy for exercise or playing with children
  • Have less interest in sex

Most sleep problems can be treated without medication if identified early. The sooner you talk to your doctor, the easier it will be to identify and treat.